Irresistable boring truview ads [#255736_3]
2017-10-31 10:47:27
Beskrivning: Truview ads are annoying running for 5 seconds before you can continue. When most brands put their regular TV ads on youtube and pray for people to stay tuned, IKEA thinks differently. The actors in these customized ads are so aware of the boring content that they actually beg you to skip them. Arbetsgrupp: CD Magnus Jakobsson AD Jesper Holst COPY Mark Ardelius PROJEKTLEDARE Mimmi Grafström/Kjell Månson PRODUKTIONSLEDARE Agneta Oppenheim PLANNER Jerker Winther UPPDRAGSGIVARE Patrik Nygren-Bonnier, Maria Granath, Carin Jacobsson REGISSÖR Martin Werner PRODUCENT Rickard Björlin DOP Daniel Voldheim Editor Joakim Pietras